FlyBoss Tools

The FlyBoss tools can assist you in developing a Flystrike Calendar that is suitable for your location and your enterprise.

From the options menu in the FlyBoss Tools select your state and then click on your location on the map. The tools will then access weather records for your region.

Use the Check flystrike risk and optimise treatment time or Compare two management systems for flystrike control tools to check which management system and calendar of events will minimise flystrike risk in your location.

Examine the graphs to assess the relative flystrike risk of different management systems.

The height of the graph indicates the average flystrike risk relative to the highest risk period.

Use the Products List for more information on fly and lice chemical treatments, their cost, withholding periods and export slaughter intervals.

Use the WoolRes tool to assess the chemical residues in the wool clip based on chemicals applied and time to next shearing.

Use the Change Location button if you want to assess flystrike risk and use the tools in another region. Weather data for the flystrike risk model is only available for certain weather stations and the nearest may be atypical for you, due to mountains or other features. You may need to select a slightly different location to find one with strike risk similar to your property.

Click here to start the FlyBoss Tools.

ParaBoss thanks Brian Horton of Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania, for development of the FlyBoss Tools.