In 2014 FlyBoss became part of the ParaBoss suite of products.

In this post-Sheep CRC phase, FlyBoss (also WormBoss and LiceBoss) is funded by Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia, and is managed by the University of New England.


The Sheep CRC acknowledges our industry partners in development of this website.

We also acknowledges the contributions of the following individuals to development of the initial FlyBoss website.


Coordination of website development
Lu Hogan - Sheep CRC


Arthur Le Feuvre - Qld
Brian Horton – TIAR
Allan Casey and Alex Russell – I&I NSW

Breeding and Selection
Allan Casey, Alex Russell, Jess Richards – I&I NSW
Kevin Atkins - NSW
Sheep Genetics

Mandy Curnow – DAFWA
Garry Armstrong – DPIV
David Counsell – Qld
Brian Horton - TIAR

Arthur Le Feuvre – Qld
Gary Levot – I&I NSW
Peter James – DEEDI Qld
Brown Besier and Di Evans - DAFWA

FlyBoss Tools
Brian Horton - TIAR