Breech modification


If you plan to continue mulesing in the short term, use an accredited mulesing contractor or undertake training to become an accredited mulesing contractor.

Pain relief

Tri-Solfen® is available as a pain relief product for the mules operation. It is a mixture of fast and long acting anaesthetic agents which quickly numb the wound and provides pain relief for several hours. The product also acts as a ‘vasoconstrictor’ to stop bleeding and is an antiseptic. The National Wool Declaration allows for the declaration of mulesing with pain relief.

Anti-Flystrike Clips

Anti-flystrike clips are now available through Leader Products. There are two styles of clips required - one for the tail and one for the breech area. There are four clips (two of each type) required per lamb. The clips can only be applied by registered and trained contractors. Lambs can be re-yarded and have the clips removed 8-14 days after application. The clips can be re-used at least once. The effectiveness of clips is considered to be mid-way between no treatment and mulesing in reducing wrinkles and increasing bare area. Clips are not considered suitable for sheep with breech wrinkle scores of 4 or greater.

More information and a list of accredited contractors, contact Leader Products.


Cobbett Technologies, with support from Australian Wool Innovation, are currently developing an intradermal product – Skin Traction®.

Skin Traction® works by delivering a measured dose of formulation into the skin using a needleless applicator. As a result of the treatment the skin dies and forms a dry scab which then falls off, leaving stretched skin underneath.

The product is still being trialed and developed to meet the registration requirements of the APVMA. Once registration of the product has been achieved, its commercial roll out will commence.